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This Too Belongs Here.

I have currently stepped away from teaching. Mostly, because I feel like I am moving from a deficit. Teaching is truly a passion of mine. There is something really beautiful about creating a space where people can move with a deeper since of curiosity.  With out judgment and with the intention of accepting exactly where you are. 

I first found my personal yoga practice back in 2016, over the years my love and excitement for this practice deepened. I am regularly inspired by the space in-between. The ins and outs of getting from one place to another. The transitions, the journey I would even say. When I was teaching you would see many creative transitions through out my classes as a way to get out of your head and into your body. I themed all of my classes because I believe that on some level we are all connected and in some ways that we have felt similar experiences while navigating this crazy ride we call life. I cuss, often. Yes, that means even in my classes. I use to try to sensor this part of myself but that was constantly pulling me from the present moment. My themes usually go hand and hand with my personal experiences. That meant you would get to see the raw, unfiltered and extremely vulnerable side of my Self. It's was not always pretty, but it is real.

If you were to ask me about my values, I would say something like ... I believe in genuine connection, I care deeply for my people, I respect honest interactions and communication. I strive to move and love with an open heart. I like to be challenged and stretched to see the world differently. I believe kindness is free. My personal goal as a human being is to live a BIG fucking life filled with connection, fueled by love and propelled forward by growth.

When I am not working you will probably find me outside. Being outside is how I stay connected. If I had to choose between the beach or being on top of a mountain, I will choose to be up high every time. I have two crazy puppies named Rags and Happy. They are two of my greatest loves. Ragnar is 6 and a Texas Heeler. Happy is 5 and a Australian Shepard. Hints another reason we are always outside! For my big kid job, I manage a martial arts academy. Where I also train Brazilian Jiujitsu. BJJ has been this wildly expansive experience, where I get to let another layer of myself shine. Being raised in such chaos, there was always a fight right around the corner. Fighting for safety, fighting to be seen. Fighting to be loved. That was all I knew for the first 2/3's of my life. Once I realized I was moving out of survival mode, I started exploring who I really was. So many years of softening left me open and in a space where I could truly experience my own being. This to belongs here. That scrappy little girl inside of me craves that opportunity to fight. Time on the mat gives me that opportunity to allow that rougher side to take up space in away that adds value. 

I feel most comfortable sitting on the floor, I eat the majority of all of my meals with my hands, I am mostly bare foot and I am always knee deep in dog hair. I know what you are thinking. Man, what a mess. That is one of my favorite complaments. "You are such a mess." It's true, I am.  A daring, wild, and unpredictable mess. 

I am 30, my favorite colors are putrid green, and lilac purple. My favorite season is Fall. I have a deep addiction to strong coffee and I am definitely a morning person. My favorite smells are vanilla, lavender and patchouly. I love good hugs and direct eye connect. One of my new favorite hobbies is gardening. 

My goal as a teacher and a human is to build a community, a container where we can all show up in a safe and genuine manner to explore the deeper parts of ourselves. 

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