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Welcome, I am honored that you are here.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

My name is Keri Ann. The light behind Keri Ann Yoga.

This is a hard post to write, it is my first blog post on my OWN website. Wow, how freaking exciting.

If you’re new here, you are catching me at a prettying interesting time. In a time of transition. A time where my world is shifting in so many ways I can’t seem to find my footing. I haven’t quite hit that sweet spot of flow yet because I’m too busy white knuckling the comfort of the past and holding for dear life as I feel like I’m drowning. I know what you are thinking, ooofff, damn girl what a way to start a post. I am fucking in it. I am sitting in the depths of my humanness.

I believe that in order to live a full and BIG life you must be willing to experience not only the highest of highs but the lowest of lows. Contrast. We need both. You can not numb the pain with out numbing the joy.

My mantra these days sounds like- “This too belongs here.”

This too;

-this sadness.

-this joy.

-this heartbreak.

-this fear.

-this love.

-this excitement.

-this anger.

-this grief.

This too belongs here.

I was so scared to launch this website mostly because I deeply believe in the benefits behind this practice and I want to honor that to the best of my abilities. I believe in its ability to cultivate community, and self exploration. I believe that we are all connected on a deeper level. I choose to believe that moving from a space of love rather then fear is how we heal ourselves. How we grow to love and cherish ourselves so that we can show up in the world in a more genuine and loving manner.

That’s the kind of space, container and community that I am striving to create here. What that means is you’re going to get the “good”, the “bad” and the ugly for me. I theme all my classes. Usually, the themes are inspired by my personal life experiences. I believe as human beings we have all felt very similar emotions, feelings and fears while navigating life. I am striving to cultivate a safe space where we can explore these themes together and see how it resonates in your mind and body.

I am here for the genuine connection. Every blog that I post will have the ability for you to comment, share or respond in any way that your heart desires. If that is sharing a similar experience or what emotions my words invoked in your being. I am here for it.

Let this be a safe space where we can all show up exactly where and how we are today, in this moment. No bullshit. No judgment. Only love.

Thank you for being here. I am truly honored.

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